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Congregations Pastors, Deacon, Officers and Board of Directors Emails
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Church Office  office@immanuelalpena.org 
Congregational Deacon Deacon Alfred Kersten kerstena@immanuelalpena.org 
Congregational Pastor Pastor James Erickson ericksonj@immanuelalpena.org 
Congregational Pastor Pastor Joshua Schultz schultzjm@immanuelalpena.org 
Congregational President Jerry Plohoky jpbrowns57@yahoo.com 
Congregational Recording Secretary Christina Kieliszewski kieliszewskic@immanuelalpena.org 
Congregational Treasurer Kim Labrecque kim@thunderbayaccounting.com 
Congregational Vice-President Keith Burt keithburt@frontier.com 
Director of the Board of Family Life Larry Clark larry_clark@outlook.com 
Director of the Christian Day School Board Doris Puls pulsfamily@chartermi.net 
Director of the Church Properties Board Tony White tonywhite@chartermi.net 
Director of the Evangelism Board Ada Hopp hoppa@immanuelalpena.org 
Director of the Fellowship Board Lori Kipfmiller LoriKipfmiller@yahoo.com 
Director of the Finance Board  Grant Kessler kessler07@charter.net 
Director of the Lay Ministry Board  Kent Rhude krhude@charter.net 
Director of the Personnel Board  Irv Yakes imathome@charter.net 
Director of the Public Relations Board  Seat Available  
Director of the Stewardship Board  Sharon Martinez sharonre@charter.net 
Director of the Youth Board Lillian Shriner bshriner@freeway.net 
School Office  school@immanuelalpena.org 
Tech Committee Art Hoch hocha@immanuelalpena.org 
Technology Director Ryan West westr@immanuelalpena.org 
Showing 22 items